Easy to use voting contest plugin for WordPress

Vote Tracking and Validation

We currently offer cookie tracking, IP tracking, email code tracking, and WP User Account tracking. If IP tracking is set and you require users to register and login to vote the system will automatically switch from IP tracking to WP User ID tracking for votes. This is particularly handy for contests held in offices and…

Voting Log

With the integrated vote log, admins can monitor votes and remove votes as needed. While the system is very accurate when tracking votes, sometimes there is a need to clear a vote or two by an admin. The voting log will also assure you that there is not any “foul play” with your contest and…

Votes Updated Instantly

Utilizing Ajax, votes are automatically updated without having to refresh the page. You will see an on screen confirmation of your vote and the vote button will change from “Vote Now” to “Voted”. This ensure your voters clearly understand their vote was counted.

No Rogue Votes!

Rogue votes from Search Bots… No Way! Our vote tracking prevents rogue votes from search engine bots and other common voting system interferences.

Control Vote Frequency

Over 24 different configurations of controlling votes! (x) per category, (x) per calendar day, (x) per (x) hours, and unlimited. Also determine if user can vote for single, multiple (exclusive), or multiple (split) contestants.

Import and Export

Easily import your contestants data via .csv file. There are also 5 different file types to chose from when exporting your contestants data. You can also export the voting log for building an email marketing list.

Create & Design Efficiently

The WP Voting Contest Pro plugin offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the setup process, allowing you to define rules, entry criteria, and voting mechanisms effortlessly. By harnessing the power of WP Voting Contest, you are equipped with a versatile toolset to bring your contest ideas to life swiftly and stylishly.
Social Media Integration

We make it easy to share entries via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit & LinkedIn. Sharing buttons are located on the main contest, custom post page and PrettyPhoto Gallery. Pick and choose which social networks your visitors can share on.

Grid / List view

By default your voters will be able to display your contest in grid/list view. You may also specify to use only particular view using a simple shortcode.

Create Multiple Contests

Run multiple contests and contest types at the same time each with their own settings and options. We are the ONLY all in one contest plugin that supports simultaneously running Photo Contests, Video Contests, Music Contests and Essay Contests using a single plugin.

Optional Login Settings

Optionally require contestants or voters to register/login before submitting entries or voting. Chose one or all of the registration methods: WP User Account, Facebook Login, Twitter Login or Google Login. The login settings offer additional security, especially for private contests and additional export data for marketers.

Timers and Auto Contest

Utilize contest start and end date to set your contest on auto pilot or set number of contestants to make contest active. This allows you to have an entry period before the voting starts. Once the entry period is over the entry from will automatically be removed and the voting will open. The timer will…

Built in Pagination

Control the number of contestants shown on each page with built in pagination. Choose from traditional, drop down menu, infinite scroll, or load more. Control how many posts per page or turn pagination off using shortcodes.

Social Media Integration

Pay to Vote / Buy Votes Addon

The WP Voting Contest (Buy Votes) Addon allows you to charge for votes.

Pay to Vote / Buy Votes Addon

Paid Entry Fee Addon

The WP Voting Contest Paid Entry Fee addon allows you to charge an entry fee for entering your contest.

Paid Entry Fee Addon

Video Upload Addon

The video upload extension for the WP Voting Contest allows your contestants to upload their own videos to your contest.

Video Upload Addon

Our Addons

The WP Voting Contest Pro has a range of add-ons available that take its functionality to greater heights. These add-on components introduce a host of fresh capabilities, including the option to implement entry fees, enable paid voting, incorporate discount coupons, support video uploads, and integrate a comprehensive judging system.

Easy to use voting contest plugin for WordPress. The all in one WordPress Contest plugin. Start an Audio Contest, Video Contest, Photo Contest or Essay Contest using a single plugin.

Coupon For Entry Fee Addons

The WP Voting Contest (Coupon) extension allows you to create a coupon code for either an amount or percentage off the entry fee.

Coupon For Entry Fee Addons

Judging Panel Addon

The Judging Extension allows you to create a series of questions and assign them to a Contest Category.

Judging Panel Addon

Customer Point of View

This plugin is exactly what we needed for our Local Heroes Car giveaway where Beaver Toyota & Beaver Chevrolet recognize Law Enforcement, Firefighters/EMTs, Nurses, Teachers, Veterans, and Local Wow Heroes. Support was incredibly above & beyond helpful. They kindly stayed on the phone with me for as long as it took to answer all of my questions and resolve any challenges I encountered. Exactly the plugin & support I needed.

Jenielle HolderfieldPerfect, Perfect, Perfect!!

You cant go wrong when you have both of those. This is the best contest plugin I have used or tested, plus they are there for you along the way for setup and/or any troubleshooting.

Jeff SchmidtGreat Plugin, Great Support

This is a little late, but wanted to share. I was having some issues configuring the plugin for my site "adventurecritters.com" - a pet photo contest. I was able to get email support overnight which was great. Better yet, I still had some issues so I called and went through some troubleshooting over the phone with the CEO and creator of the plugin himself!

Craig SnodgrassGreat Customer Service

We believe we found the perfect voting app. It's well priced. It works like a charm. The biggest perk (doesn't happen frequently) is having a person to call when you need support. Check out our page - TheUltimateAwards.com

Federico HernandezWhat a great pluging and service

Great customer experience, very effective and quick help, thanks guys! I am sure that all your queries will be answered at the earliest. The plugin has been around since 2013, they build new options based on user feedback, so for sure is the solution you are looking for. I highly recommend it! For sure their excellent customer support will solve any issue.

Álvaro BarcelonaTHE BEST WordPress Voting Contest Plugin, for any kind of contest

We have been using WP Voting Contest Plugin for 1 year for our yearly Awards with over 500,000 voters and weekly contests. The plugin runs perfectly. With every upgrade the plugin just gets better and better..faster and more and more user friendly. It is the only voting plugin (and we tried them all) with so many features. With so many voters the security system for email and voter IP was integral to our contest's integrity and the ability to export the voting statistics and emails with such ease cut our workload in half. It is not only sleek and beautiful but the options and features have made this an integral part of our website with over 100 pages of contestants with no conflicts. Also the developers Arun and Harish are geniuses. Very supportive, very fast with excellent response time... even going above and beyond for some custom elements and integrations. We felt they absolutely cared about our dev. Highly recommend the plugin! We are very grateful for your exceptional work and support.

WOWSATop WordPress Voting Plugin and Exceptional Support