Custom questions are much like building a contact form within the contest plugin. You can add questions to the registration form when a user registers to your website or the contestant form when a user enters your contest. Using the Contestants fields, you can ask private information such as phone number or email address and choose not to display those details on the front end contestants page, keeping the details private for the admin to view on the contestants admin page only.

If you want to add questions to your Contest Entry form go to:
Dashboard > Contest > Contestants > Contestant Form Builder (tab at the top)

If you want to add questions to your website registration form and you are using “Must Login to vote” or “Must Login to Submit Entry” go to: Dashboard > Contest > Registration fields

Please be careful when asking people of private information and using “Show in Contest description page” Yes/No. If you are going to ask a contestant private information such as their email/phone number/address select NO to “Show in Contest description page” so the information does not get posted on their custom post page for their entry. This is only so you can contact them if they win.

Answering YES to “Show in Contest description page” will show the question and answer on the contestants custom post page for voters to see.