Video Upload Extension for WP Voting Contest

In the core version of the WordPress Voting Contest plugin, we give you the option to allow your contestants to enter your video contest and post their videos using embed code, YouTube URL or Vimeo URL. This all depends on how you setup your contest category settings.

What if you want to allow your contestants to capture video with their mobile device and upload the videos directly from their mobile device to your video contest?


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WP Voting Contest


November 21, 2023


October 10, 2017


WordPress 6.0 – 6.4.1+
WP Voting Contest 6.0+
PHP 7.3 – 8.2+
Edge, Firefox, Chrome, MAC Safari
The Video Upload Extension Addon requires the WordPress Voting Contest Plugin Version 6.0+ in order to work.
Please purchase the retail version of the WP Voting Contest Plugin before purchasing this addon/extension.

The video upload extension for the WP Voting Contest allows your contestants to upload their own videos to your contest. The videos are then processed on your website and prepared for optional upload to your YouTube account to save on bandwidth while preserving the original video on your server. This is extremely useful for those that need to retain the original versions of the videos for usage rights such as the many News Stations across the United States that use this extension.

Traditional video servers are expensive, require an abundance of resources and involve a lot of configuration. This extension is a cost effective way of offering this type of service without having an expensive server setup that supports FFMPEG for converting videos to a web friendly format.

Video Upload Extension Features

Lets see all item features & updates below.

Publish to YouTube

Administrator option to publish uploaded videos to your YouTube account so that you can save on bandwidth and monetize the videos with ad displays from your YouTube account. Once the videos are published, the front end of the website will show the YouTube video while the back end retains the original version for you.

Supported Video Formats

The video extension supports the following video formats: MP4, mpeg and webm. These are the formats that are most commonly used when capturing videos from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Mobile Video Uploads

The Video Uploads Extension code has been optimized to support video uploads from mobile devices. This means that your contestants can capture video with their tablet or phone and then upload their videos directly to your contest from their mobile device.