Note: Timer is based off of your set WordPress Time in Dashboard > Settings > General

To show the timer add showtimer=1 to your Shortcode.

To hide the timer add showtimer=0 to your Shortcode.

We programmed the plugin so that you could have an entry period where no votes can be cast, although you can display contestants and accept entries until the contest starts.

If you want to have an entry period, enter a start time a week, month or so ahead and then an end time after that when you want the contest to end.

Today’s date = 10/30/2013
Start Time = 11/30/2013
End Time = 12/30/2013

When the contest hits the start time your entry form will go away automatically and voting will begin.
Your timer will now count down until the end of the contest time.

If you want to accept entries while the contest is running then do not set a start time.