Publish to YouTube

Administrator option to publish uploaded videos to your YouTube account so that you can save on bandwidth and monetize the videos with ad displays from your YouTube account. Once the videos are published, the front end of the website will show the YouTube video while the back end retains the original version for you.

Supported Video Formats

The video extension supports the following video formats: MP4, mpeg and webm. These are the formats that are most commonly used when capturing videos from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Mobile Video Uploads

The Video Uploads Extension code has been optimized to support video uploads from mobile devices. This means that your contestants can capture video with their tablet or phone and then upload their videos directly to your contest from their mobile device.

Choose Your Currency

If PayPal, Stripe or PayStack supports your currency then it will be available as a currency option. Please note that Paypal, Stripe and PayStack require a minimum purchase amount of $1. So you cannot process payments under $1. Keep this in mind if you are charging $0.25 per vote that the user has to purchase…

Charge A Fee To Vote

In your Contest Category settings you can choose if you wish to enable the Buy Votes option, set the cost, and choose if you want to use PayPal and/or Stripe. As of version 1.5, we have added tiered voting pricing. So you can now set an amount per votes with a range like $1 for…